Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755 AC drives designed

The Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation PowerFlex 755 AC drives are designed to provide high performance, ease of use, and application flexibility. To provide these functionalities, the PowerFlex 755 drives support a variety of hardware and multiple control options as well as optional embedded safety capabilities. These drives are manufactured to be used on the industrial floor to control motors. The PowerFlex 755 drives can be interfaced with applications such as conveyors, pumps, and fans. For the AC drives to be interfaced with a variety of industrial communications networks, they support the integrated motion on EtherNet/IP modules that help to connect the PowerFlex 755 AC drives to linear, star, and ring topologies. The configuration parameters for these drives can be automatically downloaded onto replaced drives from Logix controllers through the Automatic Device Configuration feature.

Drives in the PowerFlex 755 series support different voltage and power ranges. For example, these drives accommodate a voltage of between 200 Volts AC and 240 Volts AC, 380 Volts AC and 480 Volts AC, or of 600 Volts AC, with the highest voltage rating being 690 Volts AC. Drives in the PowerFlex 755 series can be mounted in either IP 00, IP 20, NEMA/UL type open, flange-mounted, or IP 54 NEMA/UL type 12 rated enclosures. Additionally, the PowerFlex 755 AC drives support different types of control. The available control options include vector control with FORCE technology, Volts per Hertz control, permanent magnet motor control, and sensorless vector control. Note that the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755 AC drives accommodate pre-engineered power option bays that provide a cost-effective solution for popular power options. Drives in this family are programmed and configured by using DriveTools software, an LCD human-machine interface module, the Connected Components Workbench software, or the SP software. However, the LCD interface is an integral part of the PowerFlex 755 AC drives.