Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 2711P terminals Catalog Number Configuration

Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 2711P terminals is a common HMI device,The Catalog Number Configuration is introduced by 2711P-RDB7CM drive as an example:

Input Type( K=Keypad T=Touch B=Keypad/Touch)

Display Size(4=3.5 in. 6=5.5 in. 7=6.5 in. 10=10.4 in. 12=12.1 in. 15=15 in.)

Display Type(C=Color M=Grayscale)

Communication(5=RS-232 & USB 20 = Ethernet,RS-232 & USB plus Communication Module Interface 4=Ethernet, RS-232 & (2) USB)

Power(A=AC D=DC)

Logic Module with Flash and RAM Memory(1=Logic Module 64 MB 2=Logic Module 128 MB 6=CE Logic Module with 128 MB 7=CE Logic Module with 256 MB)

Special Option(K=Conformal-Coated M=Marine Certified)

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