Allen-Bradley common FAQ for 1715-OB8DE

1715-OB8DE is a Allen-Bradley I/O module,Rockss Automation Various industrial electrical spare parts such as PLC and other industrial electrical spare parts.
  Let's share common FAQ for 1715-OB8DE:
  What is the 1715-OB8DE's power capacity?
  The 1715-OB8DE's power capacity is 3 Watts.
  What kind of wire can the 1715-OB8DE use?
  The 1715-OB8DE can use 18 to 16 AWG.
  What is the 1715-OB8DE's output signal?
  The 1715-OB8DE's output signal is 18 to 32 Volts DC.
  What kind of enclosure does the 1715-OB8DE have?
  The 1715-OB8DE has an open enclosure.
  Does the 1715-OB8DE have a status display?
  Yes, the 1715-OB8DE has a status display.
  Can the 1715-OB8DE be mounted on a DIN Rail?
  Yes, the 1715-OB8DE can be mounted on a DIN Rail.