Allen-Bradley 2094-BC02-M02-S Drive faultswith assigned error codes

The following list of Kinetix 6000 Drive System problematic symptoms (no error code shown) and faultswith assigned error codes is designed to help you resolve anomalies.When a fault is detected, the seven-segment status indicator displays an Efollowed by the flashing of the two-digit error code, one digit at a time. This isrepeated until the error code is cleared.

Error Code 1:No Error Code Displayed
Anomaly or Symptom 1:Power (PWR) indicator not ON
Potential Cause:No AC power or auxiliary logic power;Internal power supply malfunction.
Anomaly or Symptom 2:Motor jumps when firstenabled
Potential Cause:Motor wiring error.Incorrect motor chosen.
Anomaly or Symptom 3:Digital I/O not working
Potential Cause:I/O power supply disconnected.correctly.

Error Code 2:E00 BusUndervoltage FaultE00(Blown fuse)
Anomaly or Symptom:A blown fuse was detected on the inverter PCB
Potential Cause:Blown fuse.

Error Code 3:E04 MotorOvertemp FaultE04(Motor Overtemp)
Anomaly or Symptom:Motor thermal switch tripped
Potential Cause:High motor ambient temperatureand/or;Excessive current;Motor wiring error.;Incorrect motor selection.

Error Code 4:E05 DriveOvercurrent FaultE05(Power Fault)
Anomaly or Symptom:Self-protection of theIntelligent Power Module(IPM) is indicating a majorpower related fault condition
Potential Cause:Motor cables shorted;Motor winding shorted internally;Kinetix 6000 drive temperature too high;Operation above continuous power rating and/or product environmental ratings;Kinetix 6000 drive has a short circuit,overcurrent, or failed component

Error Code 5:E06 HardOvertravel Fault(+/- Hard Overtravel)
Anomaly or Symptom:Axis moved beyond the physical travel limits in the positive/negative direction.
Potential Cause:Dedicated overtravel input is inactive.

Error Code 6:E07 MotFeedbackFault(Motor Feedback Loss)
Anomaly or Symptom:The feedback wiring is open, shorted, or missing.

Error Code 7:E11 MotFeedbackFault(Illegal Hall State)
Anomaly or Symptom:State of Hall feedback inputs is incorrect.
Potential Cause:Improper connections.

Error Code 8:E19 PositionErrorFault(Follow Error)
Anomaly or Symptom:Position error limit was exceeded.

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