Allen-Bradley 1715-IF16 module's Common FAQ

1715-IF16 is Allen-Bradley I/O module,Rockss Automation Long-term supply PLC products.

  Common FAQ for 1715-IF16:

  How can the 1715-IF16 be mounted?

  The 1715-IF16 can be DIN rail or panel-mounted.

  What is the 1715-IF16's wiring category?

  The 1715-IF16's wiring category is Category 2.

  What is the 1715-IF16's backplane voltage?

  The 1715-IF16's backplane voltage is 50 Volts continuous.

  How much relative humidity can the 1715-IF16 tolerate?

  The 1715-IF16 can tolerate as much as 95%humidity,if it is non-condensing.

  What is the 1715-IF16's current rating?

  The 1715-IF16's current rating is 260 milliamps.

  What is the 1715-IF16's maximum operating temperature?

  The 1715-IF16's maximum operating temperature is 70 degrees Celsius.