Allen-Bradley 1336F-B125-AA-EN drive Overview

The 1336F-B125-AA-EN drive is a Allen-Bradley 1336F Plus II adjustable frequency AC drive. The drive features a Horsepower rating of 125 Horsepower, with a power rating of 380 Volts AC to 480 Volts AC. The Allen-Bradley 1336F-B125-AA-EN drive comes with the IP 20 NEMA type 1 enclosure and it features the insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) brake. The IGBT brake provides the Allen-Bradley 1336F-B125-AA-EN drive a high switching speed that is necessary for PWM VFD operation. The Allen-Bradley IGBT brake comes with the capability of switching on and off several times in seconds. The IGBT brake is also important in order to minimize noise through its frequency switching capability.

The 1336F-B125-AA-EN drive features the dynamic current control and it achieves exceptional torque production through the sensorless vector control feature. It features the proactive current limit control for reduced tripping. The unit also has the ability to start low inductance motors, and it has isolated power and logic modules which eliminates noise and provides reliable and stable drive operation. The 1336F-B125-AA-EN drive features condensed packaging for allowing the drive to be easy to mount. The Allen-Bradley 1336F Plus II drives feature common assembly parts and this reduces the need for stocking several different parts. They also feature simplified drive programming because of their grouped element structures that allow for quick access to all of the related functions. The Allen-Bradley 1336 Plus drives like the 1336F-B125-AA-EN drive support an easy-to-read supertwist LCD screen that supports up to 32 characters of text. The screen serves as a programming interface and it also has a drive monitoring interface.