Allen-Bradley 1336-BDB-SP42D PCB boards Description

The Allen-Bradley 1336-BDB-SP42D PCB board belongs to the 1336 family of drives manufactured by Rockwell Automation.With its cutting-edge tech standards,it can meet all your speed control requirements.The current rating for the 1336-BDB-SP42D is 575 volts.You can use it for the precise and efficient speed control of a powerful motor with a horsepower rating of 250 HP.The 1336-BDB-SP42D caters to the advanced needs of people who want a speed control solution.

The 1336-BDB-SP42D Gate Drive PC Board is a cost-effective drive unit but it does not compromise quality or specifications. It comes with all the advanced specs which you will need to maximize the productivity of the machine along with increased ease of operation.

The 1336-BDB-SP42D is an adjustable frequency drive,and adjustable or variable frequency drives (VFDs) like the 1336-BDB-SP42D are used to ensure the safety and energy efficiency of the machine.

With this Allen-Bradley Gate Drive,you can make the motor start,accelerate,decelerate,or stop smoothly.Meanwhile,the user-friendly architecture facilitates quick installation and hassle-free operation.

You can customize your 1336-BDB-SP42D gate drive with a variety of I/O, HIM,bypass,switches,and enclosure options.For example,you can order an enclosure that is custom-painted in 1, 2, or 3 colors and which is labeled with a custom nameplate.The 1336-BDB-SP42D is UL panel-recognized.