About Allen-Bradley SK-R1-MCB1-PF753 Control Board

SK-R1-MCB1-PF753 is a Allen-Bradley main control board for PowerFlex 753 series drives.
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  Allen-Bradley SK-R1-MCB1-PF753 main control board is going to be installed inside the module that hosts it, the protection level it has will depend on the NEMA enclosure that comes by default with the module. The PowerFlex 753 devices come with IP 20 Type 1 and IP 54 Type 12 enclosures. With these enclosures, it is important that the module and all its components are installed in a controlled environment where there are no risks of having liquids or corrosive materials around. It is also recommended to have a skilled technician install the Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation SK-R1-MCB1-PF753 spare part control board.