About 1394C-SJT22-D Servo Controller

The 1394C-SJT22-D is part of the Allen-Bradley servo controller series and it possesses a rated input voltage of 324 to 528 Volts AC for unanticipated and deliberate power variance. The 1394C-SJT22-D runs on three-phase power at 50 to 60 Hertz. It has 33.8 Amps of continuous DC output current during operation. It produces 17 kW of continuous output power if the primary voltage is 380 Volts and 22 kW if the primary voltage is 460 Volts. The 1394C-SJT22-D has a peak power output of 136 kW, a capacitance of 660 µF, and an inductance of 500 µH, but no internal shunt resistor. Among the additional system module features of the 1394C-SJT22-D are the following: a connector for input power termination, a cable clamp for strain relief and shield bonding, and Smart Power for soft-starting a power monitor.

The 1394C-SJT22-D is an interchangeable multi-axis motion controller with terminations, EMI filtering, and smart power series enhancements. The 1394C-SJT22-D can act as a velocity or torque controller with the Allen-Bradley SERCOS Interface Module. It provides a direct line connection or transformerless contact for 360 and 480-volt three-phase input power. The 1394C-SJT22-D has IGBT power conversion and slide-and-lock module connection.