6180P 1200P and 1500P Performance and Standard Models

The Allen-Bradley 1200P and 1500P industrial computers from Rockwell Automation, allow you torun visual interface, maintenance,control and basic informationapplications all from one machine.

Take advantage of easiermaintenance of your computerwith lockable front accessible USBports and power switch, plus twohot swappable hard disk drive bays.A higher temperature rating of 55˚C provides even more reliability inharsh environments.

Use the 1200P or 1500P computer with its integrated full alphanumeric keypad and programmable function keys to control machineryor a process; display information necessary to repair, maintain orstart up a process; and gather basicproduction information for making informed business decisions. To meetyour various application needs, the1200P and 1500P Integrated DisplayComputers with keypad are bothavailable in standard or performance models. The standard model providesthe computing power necessary formost visual interface, maintenance,or basic information applications.However, if more computing poweris needed, the performance model’sincreased RAM and processing capacity provides an eff ectiveal ternative to the standard model.

The 1200P and 1500P Integrated Display Computer with keypads include the following tools and services to provide reliable computing power on the factory floor:
• Quick delivery
• Complete package for immediate startup
• System diagnostics-support CD
• Cloning utility-accessory CD
• Pre-registered software licensing
• Application interoperability
• Global sales and support
• Immediate exchange
• Technology change management
• Rugged yet cost-eff ective platforms for today’s demanding factory environments Plus, our industrial computers are built to complement the suite of Rockwell Software®solutions.By utilizing a complete Rockwell Automation solution-hardware andsoftware-you are assured complete application support by an industry leader.