3BHE009681R0101 IGCT Module Characteristic and Outlook

3BHE009681R0101 GVC750BE101 is a ABB IGCT Module,ABB Semiconductors’IGCTs are nowused in a multitude of applications dueto their versatility, efficiency and costeffectiveness. With their low on-statevoltage, they achieve the lowest runningcosts by reaching inverter efficienciesof 99.6 percent and more.

The IGCT is a gate-controlled turn-off switch which turns offlike a transistor but conducts like a thyristor with the lowestconduction losses. The expansion of power electronics into the new fields ofenergy management, renewable energy sources and cogeneration is driving semiconductor requirements towardshigher frequency, higher voltage and higher efficiency whileincreasing demands for reliability and lower costs.

The IGCT is capable of still higher currents, voltages andfrequencies without series or parallel connection and the firstproducts are introduced as “High Power Technology” devices,This latest family of IGCTs exhibit up to 30 %higher turn-off capability than standard devices.

Currently in development are technologies to increase therated temperature for a number of devices and to increasethe current rating with larger silicon diameters.Within 10 years of its introduction,the IGCT has establisheditself as the power device of choice for high power at highvoltage by meeting the demands of a growing power electronicmarket. Single inverters of over 15 MVA can now be realisedwithout series or parallel connection achieving the highestinverter power densities in the industry.