333299-A01 PowerFlex 750-Series Product Overview

The 333299-A01 is Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 750-Series Power Drive Board,The PowerFlex 750-Series is a robust family of AC drives that provide ease of use, flexibility, and performance for a variety of industrial applications.The PowerFlex 753 provides general purpose control for applications ranging up to 350 Hp and 250 kW. The PowerFlex 755 provides maximum flexibility and performance ranging up to 700 Hp and 450 kW.

Maximize your productivity by taking advantage of the following key features offered in the PowerFlex 750-Series:

• DeviceLogix™ – Embedded control technology that supports the manipulation of discrete outputs and drive control functions, while using discrete inputs and drive status information onboard the drive.

• Predictive Diagnostics – Allows the drive to keep track of information that affects the life of its cooling fans and relay outputs. The drive can also be programmed to monitor the run time hours for machine or motor bearings.

• Option Cards – Each drive has a slot-based architecture. Supported hardware control options are common for both products, to help reduce your inventory and spare parts requirements.

• Safe Torque-Off and Safe Speed Monitor – provides a choice for safety levels depending on your application requirements.

• Communications – The PowerFlex 755 comes with a built-in Ethernet port. Ethernet can easily be added to the PowerFlex 753 with a communication module.

• I/O – option cards are available for additional analog and discrete I/O. The PowerFlex 753 comes with built-in I/O that can also be easily expanded with option cards.

• Packaging – Factory and field installable enclosure options are available to meet most environmental requirements:Open Type and Flange Mount options to support Cabinet Mount requirements, Extra Protection Wall Mount for
harsh environments, and supporting debris hoods and conduit plate kits.

• Standard Power Structure – a common power structure is shared to provide the same physical footprint and power range no matter what PowerFlex 750 -Series drive is used.