2711P-K12C6B2 PanelView Plus Operator Terminals guide

2711P-K12C6B2 is Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus touch screen,Mounting clips secure the terminal to 2711P PanelView Plus Operator Terminals,The number of clips you use (4, 6, or 8) varies by terminal type,Follow these steps to mount a 700 to 1500 terminal in a panel:

1. Cut an opening in the panel by using the panel cutout shippedwith the terminal.

2. Make sure the terminal sealing gasket is properly positioned onthe terminal.

3. Install the legend strips before installing the terminal if you areusing keypad legend strips on keypad terminals.

4. Place the terminal in the panel cutout.

5. Slide the ends of the mounting clips into the slots on theterminal.

6. Tighten the mounting clip screws by hand until the gasket sealcontacts the mounting surface uniformly.

7. Tighten the mounting clips screws to a torque of 0.90…1.1 Nm(8…10 lb•in) by using the specified sequence, making sure notto overtighten.