2711-T6C15L1 Panelview 600 series Information

2711-T6C15L1 is Allen Bradley Panelview 600 series terminals,The Panelview 600 series is a series of standard operator terminals designed and built by Allen-Bradley. These operator terminals feature pixel graphics capabilities with displays that are color active-matrix TFT displays. The Panelview 600 terminals feature keypad and touchscreen operator input options, with units that support both input types together or keypads only for input. The display area measures 115 x 86 millimeters, while the resolution is 320 x 234 and 320 x 240 pixels. These units feature 128 touch cells and come with actuation ratings of 1 million presses. The Panelview 600 terminals also come with 10 function keys and they support real-time clocks that are battery-backed clocks and they support timestamps to provide critical data. The Panelview 600 terminals come with a replaceable battery and the application memory is 190 KB of application runtime memory with 240 KB of non-volatile memory.

The operator terminals feature optional ATA memory card support. The units come with pre-installed PanelBuilder32 software that runs on personal computers. The units support various communication ports such as the EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, ControlNet, DH+, Remote I/O, DH-485, RS-232, and the DF1 ports. The Allen-Bradley Panelview 600 terminals also support the RS-232 printer port and they run on an input voltage of 18 to 32 Volts DC. The input voltage range is 85 to 264 Volts AC and the power consumption rating is 60 Volts maximum. The Panelview 600 terminals feature color or grayscale graphic displays and they are base-configured units. The communication ports provide add-on capabilities to the base-configured units with modular communication interfaces.