2097-V34PR5-LM 2097 Kinetix 350 Drives common questions

2097-V34PR5-LM is the Allen Bradley 2097 Kinetix 350 Ethernet I/P Single Drives,it exhibits a 2.0 kWatts Power Rating, 5.7 Amperes Continuous Output Current (0-peak), and 480 Volts (AC), 3 Phase, Input Voltage.

What are the embedded communication ports integrated to the 2097-V34PR5-LM?

The 2097-V34PR5-LM has One (1) Ethernet port, One (1) I/O (IOD) connector, and One (1) Motor feedback (MF) connector.

Does the 2097-V34PR5-LM support integrated motion over Ethernet I/P?

Yes. The Ethernet I/P communication port supports integrated motion over Ethernet I/P.

What is the Power Dissipation of the 2097-V34PR5-LM?

The 2097-V34PR5-LM’s power dissipation is 58 Watts.