DTR DTR-686 Dyeing Machine Computer
DTR DTR-686 Dyeing Machine Computer
DTR DTR-686 Dyeing Machine Computer
DTR DTR-686 Dyeing Machine Computer

DTR DTR-686 Dyeing Machine Computer

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Warranty:3 months

Module Number: DTR-686

Description :

  • The DTR-686 dyeing machine controller is a powerful and reliable control system for the dyeing of textiles.
  • It is designed to provide precise control over the temperature, pressure, and time of the dyeing process.
  • The controller features an intuitive user interface with easy-to-use buttons  that allow for quick adjustments.
  • It also has a built-in data logging system that records all parameters during the dyeing process.
  • The controller can be connected to other devices such as computers or printers for further analysis or reporting.
  • The DTR-686 is ideal for use in laboratories, factories, and other textile production facilities.

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